Our mission this week was to find out about gardens. We thought about all the things that people have in gardens. We use what we had found out and designed our own gardens. On Wednesday we had a letter from a fairy asking us for help. She had seen our designs and wanted us to make her a new garden. So we set about designing and making the perfect fairy gardens.

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We planted flowers and seeds and made things for the fairy to use, such as a shed, benches and even a zip wire! We were very proud of our finished gardens.


On Tuesday we went on a trip to Carlton Marshes where we hunted for mini beasts. it was very exciting as for some of us it was our first time on a coach.

First we looked in the long grass.

Then we looked in the dyke. We had to be very careful when we were dyke dipping, none of us wanted to fall in.

When we had had our turn we emptied what we had caught into tray to see what we had found.


Maths Week

During maths week we learnt about money. We worked out how to pay for bus fares using 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins.

We got really good at finding different ways of paying the same amount.  We had to remember that there are no 3p, 4p or 7p coins. We needed to work out how to make those amounts with the coins we had.



Some of us challenged ourselves to complete the 100 square without any help from an adult.

A mystery visitor

There was great excitement when we discovered something had been in the Early years garden over night as well as a news report warning of a strange creature in the Pakefield area.


We soon worked out it must be a dragon so we made signs to warn others and traps to catch it.

The next morning when we arrived at school the eggs had hatched and a baby dragon was stuck on the roof.IMG_8281

We though it might need rescuing and thought about how we could help! Maybe the Dragon would jump down if he had a safe landing?IMG_8286


No, it wasn’t going to jump. Perhaps we could make something to climb on to get him down? The cable drums would work but we haven’t got enough.


What about making a tower of crates for it to climb onto?

Its still not tall enough, we can’t reach it and the dragon looks scared.

“I’m going to talk to it” said Deon “I’ll tell it to come down”

“We can make a ladder to get him” said Alex “I’m going to make one from this box”

IMG_8289 IMG_8314

“We need sticks and bits that go across” said Louie


The ladder was left over lunchtime for the dragon to get down.

Troll bridges

We received a letter from the three billy goats gruff. They needed somewhere safe cross the river. We decided to help.

First we thought about different ways to cross a river. Maybe the ladder would be work? Nope, we would get wet feet.



Perhaps we could use the ladder to pull the ‘boat’ across the river? No that didn’t work either, the boat wouldn’t move.

“I know, lets try a flat box, that’ll work” but it wasn’t long enough.

Then someone suggested we make a bridge, but what could we use?

The ideas came thick and fast. Kaiden suggested using tyres to make a bridge. It worked but could we make it better?

Macie and Benjamin worked together to make a bridge from tyres and planks. They needed a step to help them get onto the bridge and it was a bit wobbly.


Jessica and Kylah thought a plank and some crates would make a good bridge.

William and Isobel had an idea. They used crates and planks and made a good bridge, the only problem was it didn’t cross the river. Time to start again. They carefully moved the planks and crates but now the bridge wasn’t long enough!

Daisy decided that things were getting a bit dangerous and that we needed a safety officer to make sure the bridges were safe to cross. She got her clip board and carried out checks before allowing people to cross.


Finally a well constructed bridge was ready to test. It was a little high and we needed to help our friends to stay safe. DSCN8263

Maths Week

Monkeys had a busy week exploring the number 10. We sang number songs and solved problems. We also learnt to count in 10’s.

We had lots of Mums and Dads join us at our maths cafe. We sand 10 in the bed and learnt how to find one less than a number. Some of us have been saying and writing number sentences.

We love Maths!!

October 2016

The month started with a visit to the local fire station.


First we met red watch, who told us about their job. Then they showed us the special clothes they have to wear to protect them. They asked Alfie’s mum to help them. They dressed her up like a fire fighter.


Next they showed us the fire engine and let us try out the hoses.

img_6562                        img_6590

Thank you red watch we learnt so much!


We also learnt all about the police and the job they do. A policeman came to visit us at school. He bought lots of different hats for us to try on.


img_7306  img_7302

Reuben wants to be a policeman when he gets big.

We got to look at and go in his police car. Before he went he turned the sirens on, they were very loud.

img_6607 img_6623

Then the worm hunting began!!!!

Everyone wanted to be the first person to dig up a worm.

img_6653  img_6636


We searched and searched but could only find one.


One day we arrived at school to find a big buckets of mud in the classroom. We had to investigate…



…soon the worms started to appear……

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img_7413 This one looked like super worm.