October 2016

The month started with a visit to the local fire station.


First we met red watch, who told us about their job. Then they showed us the special clothes they have to wear to protect them. They asked Alfie’s mum to help them. They dressed her up like a fire fighter.


Next they showed us the fire engine and let us try out the hoses.

img_6562                        img_6590

Thank you red watch we learnt so much!


We also learnt all about the police and the job they do. A policeman came to visit us at school. He bought lots of different hats for us to try on.


img_7306  img_7302

Reuben wants to be a policeman when he gets big.

We got to look at and go in his police car. Before he went he turned the sirens on, they were very loud.

img_6607 img_6623

Then the worm hunting began!!!!

Everyone wanted to be the first person to dig up a worm.

img_6653  img_6636


We searched and searched but could only find one.


One day we arrived at school to find a big buckets of mud in the classroom. We had to investigate…



…soon the worms started to appear……

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

img_7413 This one looked like super worm.


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