Troll bridges

We received a letter from the three billy goats gruff. They needed somewhere safe cross the river. We decided to help.

First we thought about different ways to cross a river. Maybe the ladder would be work? Nope, we would get wet feet.



Perhaps we could use the ladder to pull the ‘boat’ across the river? No that didn’t work either, the boat wouldn’t move.

“I know, lets try a flat box, that’ll work” but it wasn’t long enough.

Then someone suggested we make a bridge, but what could we use?

The ideas came thick and fast. Kaiden suggested using tyres to make a bridge. It worked but could we make it better?

Macie and Benjamin worked together to make a bridge from tyres and planks. They needed a step to help them get onto the bridge and it was a bit wobbly.


Jessica and Kylah thought a plank and some crates would make a good bridge.

William and Isobel had an idea. They used crates and planks and made a good bridge, the only problem was it didn’t cross the river. Time to start again. They carefully moved the planks and crates but now the bridge wasn’t long enough!

Daisy decided that things were getting a bit dangerous and that we needed a safety officer to make sure the bridges were safe to cross. She got her clip board and carried out checks before allowing people to cross.


Finally a well constructed bridge was ready to test. It was a little high and we needed to help our friends to stay safe. DSCN8263


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