Froggy Fun!

After the arrival of a pond full of tadpoles, we have been learning about the frog life cycle. We made hats to help us remember.




Spring is here!

We have been busy looking for signs of spring in the local area.

We found lots of flowers starting to grow. We heard birds singing in the trees. We smelt grass being cut. there were lots of bugs crawling around.


We had our tea party with Mr Payne because we reached the moon in our attendance race. We had juice and biscuits and got to sit in the staff room. It was fun.




Jack is Back!

This week we have been going beanstalk crazy!

We have been measuring the giants footprint.

How big are the giants feet?

How big are the giants feet?


Some of us made Jack a new house.


“I’ve decorated Jacks house with beans”

IMG_4978 IMG_4980

We have all been busy trying to complete our outdoor challenges.